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NASM Weight Loss Specialization (WLS)

$ 7,200.00

As a fitness professional, there are two things clients usually come to you for - to look and feel better. With the fully updated and improved NASM Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS), you can help them accomplish just that and so much more!

Thanks to our immersive online experience, you’ll learn evidence-based nutrition, exercise, and behavioral change strategies that will help clients lose weight and keep it off.

By designing weight loss exercise programs that leverage the most up-to-date weight-loss guidelines and methodologies, you'll help make it easier for clients to integrate effective exercise into their daily routine.

Unlike other methods, the new NASM-WLS teaches a systematic approach to leading a healthier lifestyle that results in weight loss. This process takes into consideration the real-world obstacles clients face and provides them with the skills necessary to overcome them.

With over 30 downloadable forms and templates you can use with clients, 19 educational videos, sample workouts, custom infographics and more, you'll have all the tools at your disposal to quickly start addressing clients' habits and teaching them proper behavior change from day 1.

Don’t wait. Start helping clients reach their health goals and lose weight in the process today!

Why Become a Weight Loss Specialist?

  • Master the art of program design addressing an array of behavior change goals
  • Helps clients anticipate and avoid the plateaus that come with weight loss
  • Learn how to create unique programs designed for specific client needs
  • Have the ability to explain diet cycles and the effects of dieting
  • Become an expert on avoiding weight loss obstacles
  • Define and explain milestones to clients

The course includes:

  • 1.9 NASM CEUs
  • 15 In-Depth Chapters
  • 19 High-End Lecture, Demonstration, and Animation Videos
  • 30+ Downloadable Resources; Custom Infographics
  • 1 Year to Complete the Final Exam
  • Course content 100% Online; Access on All Devices
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Curriculum:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Scope of Practice
  • Chapter 3: The State of Obesity
  • Chapter 4: The Physiology of Obesity
  • Chapter 5: Psychosocial and Obesity
  • Chapter 6: Metabolism
  • Chapter 7: Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Chapter 8: The Impact of Exercise on Weight Loss
  • Chapter 9: Psychology of Weight Loss
  • Chapter 10: The Client Intake Process
  • Chapter 11: Conducting Fitness Assessments
  • Chapter 12: Nutrition Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
  • Chapter 13: Fitness Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
  • Chapter 14: Integrating Nutrition and Fitness with the Weight Loss Client
  • Chapter 15: Weight Maintenance and Sustainability

Final Exam Format:

  • Passing score: 70% or higher
  • Number of questions: 100 multiple choice
  • Time limit: 90 minutes
  • Number of attempts : 3
  • Exam Expiration : 365 days from the course activation
  • Exam Administration: Exam must be taken at Optimum Performance Studio in Central

CEUs: NASM (1.9), AFAA (19), ACE (2.0)

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NASM (1.9), AFAA (19), ACE (2.0)


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